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Your contact persons at Eberhard

Heinz-Georg Geissler
Customer Journey Division

Interested in Eberhard products?

+49 7021 7274 0
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Konstantin Kadnoudis
Eberhard Lifetime Excellence

Already Eberhard customer?

+49 7021 7274 955
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Josephine Lagodka
Human Resources & Apprenticeship

Interested in Eberhard as employer?

+49 7021 7274 652
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Juan Pablo Lozano
Contact person in North America
Martin Krontorad
Contact person in the Czech Republic

+420 (561) 116 733

Lijuan Chai
Contact person in China

+86 (021) 611 570 68

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Our locations worldwide


EBERHARD AG Automations-
und Montagetechnik

Auchtertstr. 35
73278 Schlierbach

Tel.: +49 7021 7274 0

• Automation and
  assembly systems
• Customized system
• Retrofit
• Woldwide service

Czech Republic

EBERHARD Automatizace s.r.o.

Hruškovy Dvory 132
58 601 Jihlava

Tel.: +420 (561) 116733

• Electro and mechanical
• Fabrication and building
  of machines and tooling
• Manufacturing of components
• Spare parts management



5044 Doniphan Drive
Building E, Suite 100
El Paso, TX 79932

Tel.: +1 (915) 2481673

• Local service for the
  North American
• Local sales for the
  North American


EBERHARD Automation
(Shanghai) Co., Ltd

518 Anyuan Rd
Jingdian Mansion, Suite 802
Putuo Qu, 200060 Shanghai

Tel.: +86 (021) 61157068

• Local service
  for the asian market
• Local sales
  for the asian market

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