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The goal and the challenge

Economical production of high-voltage connectors

High-voltage connectors are the core components used in the electric and hybrid vehicles.

Scalable quantities, short throughput times and maximum process reliability are the most important requirements to manufacture EV and HEV connectors. Eberhard has been supporting electronics manufacturers and automotive suppliers with customized solutions to produce connectors and other electromechanical components for over 50 years. When designing this new assembly platform, the goal was immediately clear: maximum performance, short cycle times, high system flexibility, and uncompromising reliability and quality must be guaranteed. 

With the new assembly platform, Eberhard AG offers economical and customized automation solutions in the production of high-voltage connectors for applications in the field of electromobility.

The Solution

From safe feeding and parts handling through numerous assembly steps and testing processes to the packaging of finished components, the production system includes all the necessary steps to ensure series production with the highest level of automation.

The modular design allows maximum accessibility and a flexible and fast product changeover. This makes it possible to produce different product variants in one line at a low cost. This is an important aspect in the production planning of electronics manufacturers, as it not only saves costs for additional equipment, but also optimizes space on the production floor. Due to its high modularity, the assembly system can be individually adapted to customers´ requirements. Modularity allows project scheduling times to be optimized, reducing the time between equipment manufacturing and the start of production.

The ergonomic design facilitates the operation as well as maintenance and setup on the system. Performance monitoring is optionally available for optimum control of the production processes and this rounds off the smart automation concept for the e-mobility components.

high-voltage plugs in a hybrid vehicle
Steckverbinder für Hybridfahrzeuge


Thanks to the high modularity and scalability, the entire assembly can also be expanded later with additional modules or combined with other systems. With this approach, our customers always remain competitive with cutting edge technology.

As a strong partner in the field of automation, Eberhard AG develops and builds customized automation and assembly solutions with a flexible degree of automation from integrated manual workstations to fully automated interlinked assembly lines with different process technologies. In close cooperation with our customers, Eberhard AG offers customized solutions for electromechanical components, which are used in the automotive and transport industry, tele- and data communication, industrial automation, consumer electronics as well as pharmaceutical and medical technology.

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