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Eberhard Retrofit

Windows 10 Update for your operating system

Operating system retrofit makes your machines fit.

You have been using Eberhard machines in your production for several years and now it is time to increase the performance and reliability, to improve the durability and user-friendliness of your machines?

Our offer:

With our retrofit program, we offer you the service that enables the update of existing operating systems to Windows 10. We replace the old control system of your machine with a new industrial PC with the Windows 10 operating system. 

Windows 10 retrofit is suitable for every Eberhard system and offers many advantages. Benefit from our offer and get in contact with us.

Your advantages:

  • Windows 10 allows an uncomplicated integration into any existing computer network.
  • Applications such as MES or quality assurance systems can be used in the production area.
  • You benefit from higher IT security, extended functions as well as greater comfort when operating and monitoring production processes.
  • By retrofitting your machine PCs to Windows 10, you increase the performance, reliability, lifetime and user-friendliness of your systems.

Our service:

  • Data back-up via remote maintenance
  • Adaptation of all programs and products to the Windows 10 environment
  • 30-minute test for each product
  • Checking the compatibility of all programs with Windows 10
  • On request: additional check of the machine after 2 days via remote maintenance, so that everything works smoothly


Send us your request for your customized non-binding retrofit quotation using our retrofit contact form.

Find out more about our retrofit solutions for your production systems here.

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