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Stefan Dolch
Project Engineer

Our competence for your success

Our innovative assembly and automation systems are equipped with different process technologies and are used in different industries. Our customers worldwide appreciate the modularity and durability of our systems.

Pick & Place
Tray handling
Ascending conveyor
Spiral conveyor
Vibratory conveyor
Vibration plates

Single Pin Insertion

Press-fit pins
Solder pins
Belted pins
Spring pins
Fork pins
Fuse pins

Bending the contacts before assembling
or only afterwards
90 ° bend or double bend with variable angles

Joining, Force fitting, Crimping,
Screwing, Riveting, Dosing,
Glueing, Greasing, Welding,

Mechanical testing, Electrical testing
Vision inspection (optical control, 2D, 3D)
Leak test, torque measurement
Force measurement
Optionally: Labeling, Cleaning, Self-test mode (dummy mode)

Laser marking (CO₂ laser, solid-state laser), Labelling, Embossing, Pad printing, Inkjet printing, Digital Printing, Engraving, Scribe embossing

Cleaning with compressed air
Cleaning with ionized air
Cleaning with suction
Particle cleaning
CO₂ cleaning (dry snow, dry ice)

Assembly in combination with injection moulding technology

Tray packaging
Tube packaging
Tape & Reel packaging
Blister packaging
Bag packaging (bag filling)
Cardboard packaging (box filling)

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