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Learn more about our company

Eberhard machines are used in a wide variety of industries, including automotive industry, high speed data transmission, industrial automation and digital networks. The key to success at Eberhard are the 300 employees. They shape the brand of Eberhard with their heart, passion and enthusiasm.

Whether in Europe or overseas, with Eberhard AG our customers always have a reliable partner at their side. Eberhard international branch offices ensure that everything runs smoothly for you.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build a relationship of trust and confidence that serves in the same way our customers, business partners, shareholders, advisory board, management board and employees. It adhere the values and principles towards which we at Eberhard AG direct our actions:

Customer focus

Our thinking and acting is focused on contributing to the success of our customers. To achieve this, we ensure that the requirements of our customers are optimally implemented.


We keep what we promise. We inspire our customers with reliable machines and manufacturing line. Eberhard´s professional service supports us to build the trust for long-term partnerships.

Quality awareness

The quality of our machines and services are important prerequisites for the satisfaction of our customers. Every employee assumes responsibility for the quality of the work results and is committed to the continuous improvement of the processes.

Social competence

In the face of the company´s hierarchy we treat all staff members as equal colleagues, whose commitment and capabilities we demand and promote.

Technology leadership

Our innovative ideas assure the technological edge for our customers. Creativity connected with entrepreneurial thinking leads to technological leadership.

Innovation and Growth

Eberhard achieves sustainable, profitable growth by expanding existing business segments. To obtain this we continuously introduce new products and develop new fields of application.


We are open to new ideas. The ability to express and accept constructive criticism is indispensable. On the lookout for the best solution, we discuss different opinions and views and evaluate them openly and objectively.

Independent family business

Our activities are geared towards securing and further strengthening the long-term independence of the family business.

Quality and Environment

Internal company standards will be continuously adapted to changing market conditions and technical progress. It is our aim to set and optimize the specific processes in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 9001 standards.

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The high quality of our machines and production lines as well as reduced environmental impacts of our production processes are important prerequisites for the successful future of our company. For this reason, we face the global challenges of environmental protection and avoid harmful impacts proactively.


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Company´s foundation by Pius Eberhard. The main focus at that time is manufacturing of stamping tools.


Focusing on manufacturing of assembly machines for DIN plug-and-socket connections.

The 1980s
  • 1981 Development of the first cycloid drive for high-performance assembly.
  • 1982 Introduction of the Eberhard standard bending system.
  • 1985 The first assembly system for automotive connectors.
  • 1988 Development and building of the first fully automatic assembly line for automotive pin-and-socket connectors.
The 1990s
  • 1990 EBS 3000 platform for high-speed assembly of pin-and-socket connectors.
  • 1994 Partnership with Wes-Tech Inc. for the North American market, Canada and Mexico.
  • 1998 Cam-controlled linear assembly system with up to 140 cycles / min.
  • 1999 Certification in accordance with EN ISO 9001. Development of the flexible pin insertion concept for printed circuit boards (PCB) for vehicle engineering.
The 2000s
  • 2000 Rotary indexing assembly machine for small parts 75/150 pcs. / min.
  • 2001 Development of the PCB pin insertion platform EBS 3000 for automotive industry. Rebranding into family-owned stock corporation.
  • 2002 Development of a flexible linear assembly system for the pharmaceutical industry with up to 60/120/180/240 parts / min. First assembly machine designed according to GMP guidelines, including pharmaceutical process validation.
  • 2003 Introduction of modular technology and standardasing of workpiece support sytems.
  • 2004 Processing of pin-and-paste and press-in contacts for PCB’s.
  • 2005 Press-in force monitoring and traceability.
  • 2006 Standardisation of the platform for manufacturing of specimen and prototypes.
  • 2007 Inline PCB flipping as a space-saving solution for PCB manufacturing.
  • 2008 Foundation of Eberhard Automation LLC in the USA.
  • 2009 Foundation of Eberhard Automatizace s.r.o. in Czech Republic.
The 2010s
  • 2012 Deployment of representatives of Eberhard AG in Mexiko.
  • 2013 Foundation of Representative office in China.
  • 2014 50th company anniversary.
  • 2017 Presentation of the Eberhard Inspection System EIS 3D at Productronica in Munich.
The 2020s
  • 2020 The new digital assembly platform as linear transfer system
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