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The Challenge:

Highest Quality at Highest Speed

Globalization, digitalization, miniaturization of components. These are the new megatrends. They lead to the world of networked systems. Here, the safe and fast transmission of data and signals between the individual systems plays the central role. This is ensured by special connectors, which are used in programmable logic controllers (PLCs), process control systems (Distributed Control System or DCS) and input and output modules (I/O systems). As performance requirements increase, so do the demands on the production systems for the industrial connectors. In addition to high quality, the focus is also on a high degree of automation.

For our long-standing customer and connector manufacturer, Eberhard has developed a high-speed system for the production of miniature connectors.

The Solution

The Eberhard high speed system inserts up to 900 contacts per minute. The extensive testing of specific production steps ensures best quality. The assembly of connector specific items before or after single pin insertion process completes the automation process.

The scope of performances comprises all needed processes from feeding up to packaging and makes the production system space-saving and cost-effective:

- Feeding of empty housings

- High-speed pin insertion on 2 axes

- Automatic insertion depth adjustment

- Vision inspection for an early detection of geometric material deviations

- Insertion force monitoring

- Workpiece carrier system for connector headers

-RFID control for workpiece carrieres

- Coplanarity testing

- Testing of spring contacts

- Assembly of connector-specific items after pin insertion (clip assembly)

- Marking of ready connectors

- Blister packaging


As a strong partner in the field of automation, we are considering the long-term business strategies of our customers already in the design stage. Therefore, we develop our automation systems in modular design. This makes our machines scalable and enables future expansion of production by linking them with other machines. The success of our customers is our top priority!

Technical Data

  • Insertion rate: max. 900 strokes / min
  • Insertion per stroke: 1 contact
  • Contact length: max. 15 mm
  • Connection types: pin header (male header), header connector (female header)
  • Insertion technology: SMT, THR / THD, THT, IDC, crimping, press-fit, solder contacts

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