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The challenge:

Zero-defect Production

The constant technological change in the automotive industry is creating new challenges for the supplier. Due technological advances in the vehicle electrical system technology, also the complexity of the wiring systems in the car is increasing. An important component of these cabling concepts are special plug connections. They are also called wiring harness connectors. To ensure safe signal transmission, plug connections must offer high performance against extreme environmental influences, vibrations, and mechanical stress.

Due to the high demand, zero-defect series production of different product sizes must be ensured.

As a strong partner in the field of automation, Eberhard AG was once again able to convince a longstanding customer and first-time supplier with the powerful assembly system for wiring harness connectors.


For better accessibility and easier product changes we developed a modular assembly system. From feeding and assembly to test automation and packaging of finished components, the tailor-made automation concept includes all the necessary assembly steps and offers the best cycle times and product quality:

  • Feeding of individual components via vibratory bowl feeder (housing, seal, TPA, CPA)
  • Assembly of siliconized or talcum-coated seals
  • Assembly of individual components or sub-assemblies
  • Optical and tactile controls
  • Check for defects in the plastic part (spraying defects)
  • Laser marking of the finished product
  • Automatic ejection of the NOK parts
  • Automatic unloading of the good parts or transport to the next module
  • Packaging according to customer requirements


The new assembly system already brings a significantly higher flow to our customer's production. However, already on the design stage we considered the long-term strategy of our customer. Thanks to the modular design, the entire assembly system can be expanded in the future with additional process steps or combined with other systems. The success of our customers is our top priority.

Technical Data

  • 1 or 2-fold execution of all assembly processes
  • Performance:
    • 1-fold: up to 50 parts / minute
    • 2-fold: up to 100 parts / minute

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